Advantages of cooperation with
Speedline Hub for a candidate:
Are you looking for a job in a progressive IT company? Do you want to continue your career growth in a team of professionals and work on international projects?

Speedline Hub - we will help you find a suitable vacancy.
We will analyze your experience and expectations and help you determine the most appropriate position.
We will offer suitable vacancies from our partners.
We will accompany you at all interview stages and make the process as fast and efficient as possible.
We will help with the formation of the offer.
We act as guarantors of compliance with the terms of the offer by partner companies.
We accompany at the adaptation stage, help to quickly learn the tasks and the team, and feel like a part of a team from the first working days.
We control the process of completing the probationary period and help to make it successful.
We keep in touch with you at all stages of work in the company and even after.
Send your CV or text to our manager, and we will contact you and provide further cooperation.
Advantages of cooperation with
Speedline Hub for a company:
We save your time and financial resources when we take on some of the team management tasks and complete them as efficiently as possible:
Hiring the right employee saves money, preventing mistakes
We save your managers' time by taking over the initial selection of candidates and introducing the most suitable ones
We give a detailed description of candidates, an analysis of their experience, and recommendations.
A high-quality adaptation plan helps an employee to quickly integrate into the team, work tasks, and, accordingly, show the result of work faster.
If you do not plan to scale the HR function, we can implement team management elements and transfer ready-made tools to your managers or corresponding departments.
How it works?
Text us, and our manager will contact you. We will arrange an initial audio or video call to get to know you, clarify your request and determine the next steps.
After the call, we will send you a document with a draft of our interaction, taking into account the timing, cost, and description of the predicted result.
And then our common journey
to the designated goal will
be waiting for us.
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